What is JADE?

JADE pic

Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence are proud to announce the formation of a teaching and learning journal to be made right here at Keele called:   J.A.D.E – The Journal of Academic Development and Education

This journal publishes articles, case-studies, papers, reviews, teaching tips, letters to the editors, interviews and student submissions (with a staff sponsor).

Submissions are subject to editorial/peer review before acceptance and JADE will be published under the Creative Commons License allowing submitting authors to retain copyright of their own work thereby encouraging further publication in other journals….but we want it first!

Published twice a year, each online issue of JADE will feature an editorial, a broad selection of submitted research / articles and a final section called “Highlights” which will showcase brand new innovations /hot topics and “just off the presses” work.

If you have skills to offer JADE, then get in touch!!  We are interested in talking with anyone who wants to get involved in producing this journal.  If you have editorial skills, analysis skills, journal logistics experience, design skills, IT / WordPress skills or want to act as an expert reviewer… contact us on jade@keele.ac.uk and become a part of this exciting project.

Download authors instructions here:  JADE Instruction for Authors


2 Responses to What is JADE?

  1. Prof Stephen Chapman says:

    Do you have an impact factor?

    • jadekeele says:

      Dear Prof. Chapman,
      Many thanks for the question, we do not currently have one and we are working towards it once we have the requisite critical mass of full articles and we would project that would be in 2016/17.
      The JADE Team.

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